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great game

Thank you :)

This is a video of my friend Mark and I playing After Dark. We had a lot of fun playing it! It has the potential to be polished into a great game.


Thanks for making this video. I had a lot of fun watching it :D

I'm planning on fixing the problems I saw you had it such as the enemy and the tree trunks not working properly.

Thank you for the feedback!


Hey Luiz, thank you for watching our video!  Despite some of the technical issues, we had a blast playing this game.  You did a great job, and I'm excited to see what other updates/projects you plan on releasing!  Thanks again for replying.  (:


Thank you for making this video, we're glad you enjoyed After Dark and we apreciate the feedback :)


This is a fun little 10 minute puzzle in the impossibly foggy woods. I wish we could have seen Mother, but I'll take being the daughter who can kinda crouch.


Thanks for the feedback! I watched your video and I was happy to see you had fun playing it! Thank you!


Thank you for your feedback, we're very happy to know you enjoyed playing our game


great game, kind of buggy but i enjoyed it! keep up the good work 

Thank you for making this video! I laughed a lot watching it. Your reactions were so funny! You got really lucky finding out the levers combination without the hint hahaha. In a future update I'm going to change that ending and the scary sound spam ;D

i appreciate you!

Thank you for making the video! We will work on future updates to fix the bugs seen! 

ta bueno




I just finished the game with my friend 2 min. ago. Entities is ok, graphics are cool but running and walking its not ok.  If you add view bobbing and foot steps sounds it would be perfect.

ok, thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for your feedback! :)

I don't know how to play with my friend :(

You need to be playing in the same region (by having the same download region on steam) then one of you should host the game and the other just has to refresh the list and you should be able to see the available sessions!

this doesnt work for me idk how to join could you like sent a video on how to do it

I updated the description with a text tutorial. See if it helps ;D

indeed the multiplayer was not working in patch 1.1 and 1.2. But now it is :D

me and my friend cant seem to figure out how to join eachother

Sorry to hear you ran into that issue, we're already tackling that problem, thank you very much for the feedback

A new version of the game has been released, hopefully you can now see the lobbies available and the general conectivity issues have been fixed :)

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Thank you so much

I would really like to make a vidio on this, but there is simply no clear objectives as for now, and when reaching the destinations there does not seem to a whole lot of things to do there. Can you in some way guide me or make an in-game guide as to what to do?


we understand its not clear for the player to know exactly what to do. We are going to update the game to improve that. Thanks for the feedback!

Great, can you comment when any major updates have been released? I plan to make a vidio on this game when it is a little more playable :D



the game is more playable now! A few things were added to make the game more playable: smaller map, signs and easier puzzles! I hope you enjoy :D (you still need 2 people to beat the game!)

uhhh, I'll see if I can assemble a little team in the following days :D. I will be getting my new microphone between 5-12 of march!

Good graphics, but bad gameplay and very difficult to know where you're going

i agree, sorry about that but we are going to update to be more clear about what to do exactly

Thank you for your feedback, being a University project unfortunately we did not have the time to make the game more acessable to play, we will be releasing an update soon fixing that :)