A downloadable game for Windows

A puzzle platformer shooter game made for the Mix And Game Jam 2020!


Walk - WASD

Sprint - Shift

Shoot -  Mouse Left Button

Jump - Space

Pause - Esc or P

Published 16 days ago
AuthorLuiz Felipe Bustamante
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle, Shooter

Install instructions

Extract and Execute the Colouruzzle.exe


Colouruzzle.zip 245 MB


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the effort in this game was pretty bad ngl the starter first person shooter gun for UE4 is bad and the colors are strange for a metallic gun also the cubes are just starter content and the coin looks like it got taken from a website and the heart aswell and theres no tutorial. the crosshair is the same UE4 starter stuff and theres not much to do in this game tbh if this is your first game i reccomend to practice 3d modeling and UI designing first before you start making more games

and the game gets boring extremely fast 


i made a gameplay with commentary and webcam added for ur entertainment :) also game was super loud might want to have away to either change the audio level in game or just update it and lower it manually thank u! also on a level it made me not want to play it anymore haha

wow thank you for the effort to do it! We loved the feedback!



Felt it needed more levels using the «bouncing ball mechanic» from the third level, I really enjoyed that brain effort.
But overall, very fun to play! Gzzz


Well this is fun :)